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One-Click Change GPS Location of iPhone or Android without Going Outside.

With iAnyGo Location Changer, you can fake GPS location on iPhone or Android with only 1 click. This enables you to move to anywhere in games without actually walking.

Freedom to Create A Customized Route or Move

Lwoto iAnyGo location spoofer provides three types of virtual movement (iOS/Android). Select each mode based on your need. This is useful when your location-based game like Pokémon GO requires you to go outside but you just want to stay at home.

 More Advanced Features of Best GPS Location Changer

As one of the best iOS/Android location changers, iAnyGo not only allows you to change location and simulate GPS movement, but also provides more useful functions for you. Simple enough!.

Import/Export GPX File

GPX Files can be freely imported and exported, which can then be viewed on a  map and launch your desired route etc.

Historical Records

Automatically save the address you have ever searched, even record the specific time.

Adjustable moving Speed 

by dragging the speed bar,you can set the speed of GPS movement up to 108Km/h.

Product Operation Steps

  • 01

    Step 1 Select Change Location

    Launch iAnyGo and select 'Change Location' mode..
  • 02

    Step 2 Connect devices

    Connect your iPhone or Android to the computer..
  • 03

    Step 3 Select location

    Select a location on the map and start to modify.

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Up to 15 Devices

Up to 15 Devices 

You can Change location of 15 different IOS/Android devices at the same time
Cooldown Timer

Cooldown Timer 

The countdown prompts you not to change iPhone/Android location too frequently.
Zoom Map in/out

Zoom Map in/out

Enlarge the map to better plan the route. just click the zoom icon in the lower-right corner of the map.
Collect Favorite Routes

Collect Favorite Routes

You can bookmark your favorite places and Pokemon GO routes on the map and easily access them with just one sap.

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Change your GPS location on iPhone/Android with just 1 click. You can move anywhere in the game without actually walking.