Lwoto  Refund Policy Details

   As a professional software supplier for more than 10 years, LWOTO has a professional after-sales service team. We committed to solving and meeting the needs of each user. For any reasonable order dispute, LWOTO welcomes customers to submit an online form (submit online form) at any time to contact  ycj@lwoto.com    We will do our best to reply to you within 24 hours to quickly solve your problems.

LWOTO values every customer and strives to provide customers with a pleasant experience using LWOTO products and services. All LWOTO software provides a free trial version, customers can test by downloading a free trial version to "try out" before deciding to purchase. These trial versions provide limited free testing features to help customers check whether the software operates as expected and meets their needs. For example, in the UltData series, you can scan and preview data for free, but to recover files, you must purchase a license. All of these can help customers make informed purchasing decisions and avoid buying the wrong products that fail to meet their needs.

Because of this "try before you buy" system, LWOTO provides a 30-day Money Back Guarantee for all products. The refund will be approved within this guarantee only under the Refundable Circumstances below. If the purchased product exceeds the product's specified money-back guarantee period, no refund will be made.

Refundable Circumstances

Under the guidance of a money-back guarantee, LWOTO offers refunds for following circumstances.

1. About Purchase Circumstances

1) Buy Duplicate purchase

If customer purchased same product twice within 24 hours, LWOTO will refund one of the products for you, or swap one program for another LWOTO product.

2) Buy Wrong purchase

A refund of wrong purchase requires you to purchase correct product on LWOTO site first, and then the original program would be refunded back to you.

3) Other additional services beyond the product

If customer finds that the order you purchased on Tenorshare's official website has been charged more than product price, please first verify whether it is tax or bank service fee. We recommend that you directly contact tax refund organizations for tax refund and your local bank to ask for bank fee details. If it is other expenses, such as download protection fees and physical CD, these are additional services that are bound to the product by the third-party platform, allowing you to download the product when you replace the computer or in other situations. At the time of purchase, you are free to choose whether you need to purchase these additional services. If you accidentally purchased them without your knowledge or do not want these additional services after purchase, we will help you contact the payment platform to refund the cost of them.

4) No registration code received in 24 hours after purchase

If customer purchased a product on Tenorshare's official website and confirmed that money was successfully debited, but did not receive registration code within 24 hours (we recommend that you check spam folder) due to our system reasons, failed to obtain registration code on our retrieve registration code page, and did not get a timely response within 24 hours from LWOTO Support Team after making contact. In this case, LWOTO will refund customer's order if they have no need for the product anymore.

2. About Automatic Subscription Circumstances

Customer has applied to cancel automatic subscription, but still got a renewal fee

Generally, customers can contact LWOTO Support Team to cancel automatic subscription at any time before next renewal occurs, or you can cancel by referring to the FAQ guide yourself. If you contact directly with the payment platform (www.mycommerce.com), please confirm that you have received the confirmation email that renewal service is cancelled successfully from them, otherwise, you will still be automatically charged. It's recommended to contact LWOTO Support Team to cancel it directly. If LWOTO or the payment platform responds that the renewal has been canceled, but you still get charged on subscription day, you can provide corresponding evidence (screenshot of the email from LWOTO or payment platform that the renewal service was cancelled successfully, etc.), we will refund the renewal payment caused by the error to you.

3. About Product Circumstances

Any technical problems you have encountered when using the product, please contact Tenorshare's technical support team and cooperate to locate the problem, including providing screenshots and log files, or accepting free remote services provided by Tenorshare. If the problem cannot be resolved in the end, and you are unwilling to wait for an upgrade or other compensation plan, LWOTO will refund you if your order is in 30 days.

After confirming with LWOTO Support Team, usually, the refund amount will be refunded to you via the original payment method within 2-4 working days.

Once a refund is issued, the corresponding license will be deactivated. Please:

·         Download version: Uninstall the software and remove it from the computer.

·         Disc version: Destroy the disc and then uninstall the software from the computer.

Non-refundable Circumstances

In the following circumstances, LWOTO usually does not allow refunding or exchanging products.

1. About Purchase Circumstances

1) Change of mind after purchase

Change of mind after purchase, or you already purchased a similar product from another company. In this case, we will not refund.

2) LWOTO product price differences between different regions or channels.

3) A refund request claiming the failure to receive registration code within 2 hours after the order was successful.

Under normal circumstances, LWOTO will send registration code within 2 hours after the order is successful, but sometimes the registration code cannot be received in time due to network, system glitches, spam settings of your mailbox, or email typo, etc. In this case, please contact LWOTO Support Team or visit retrieval registration code page to obtain the registration code, all queries will be responded to within 24hrs.

4) Dissatisfaction caused by failure to read the function description of the product page carefully or misunderstanding of the product function before purchase.

It is highly recommended that every customer carefully check the product page and guide page on LWOTO website, and try the free trial version before making their final purchase decision. If the product conforms to the content promoted on the website and faithfully executes the task according to the function description, LWOTO will not refund.

LWOTO does not refund software if the product fails to meet customer's needs due to customer's lack of understanding of the product's functionality. However, LWOTO can directly replace the purchased product with the correct product if the price difference between the products does not exceed $20 during the warranty period. If the purchased product is replaced with the correct product at a lower price, LWOTO will not refund the price difference.

5) Unauthorized payment

If the customer is the victim of credit card fraud or unauthorized payment, LWOTO recommends that the customer contact the card issuer as soon as possible. As LWOTO cooperates with an independent payment platform, it's impossible to monitor authorization during payment. Once an order has been processed and completed, it cannot be canceled. However, LWOTO will help customers replace the purchased product.

2. About Automatic Subscription Circumstances

The automatic subscription service is not requested to be canceled before the renewal date arrives, no refund will be given if customers get charged on the renewal date.

You will get a notice about automatic renewal cycle on the shopping cart for all LWOTO product licenses with renewal service. Once you complete the payment, it means that you agree to the renewal feature. You can contact LWOTO Support Team before renewal date arrives, or follow our FAQ guidelines to cancel the automatic subscription. If you do not cancel the automatic subscription before renewal date arrives, we will not give a refund once you are charged on the renewal day.

3. About Product Circumstances

A customer requests a refund for technical problem, but refuses to cooperate with LWOTO Support Team for troubleshooting or providing details and related information or refuses to use the solutions provided by LWOTO Support Team.

A refund request after product change with customer's consent due to quality problems.

Once you agree to replace it with any other product you like, any refund request is not acceptable, regardless of whether there are quality problems or not, but we will do our best to provide corresponding solutions for your replaced product.

In addition, refund requests of more than 30 days are usually not refundable, but we will do our best to provide you with corresponding solutions or replace them with other equivalent products that are of interest to you.